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It is my firm belief that Shit Present are probably the most intriguing band to come out of the punk underground in the last couple of years. Both of their two EPs have been nothing short of fantastic. If you were unaware, this is Iona Cairns from Great Cynics new band, where her songwriting and vocal abilities have really come into their own. I caught up with Iona for a quick chat to see what was going on…

DB: Hi Iona! Later this year, you are set to put out your second release Misery and Disaster. How do you think it turned out and how does it align with your previous S/T EP?

Iona: Hi!! I think it turned out pretty well in the end considering we did it pretty loosely, ha. I’d say it’s more of the same as the first EP, savage white woman melodrama.

DB: How was the recording process?

Iona: It was cool! My brother does our recordings cause I’m really nervous about that stuff so I feel real comfortable with him and it’s cool, he’s just doing it for fun.

DB: What’s the artwork for the EP about?

Iona: My grandma was visiting at the time and was talking about how she would like to have the option of getting high without tobacco or a pipe and we suggested an apple. We made her one and got a photo of it. It was while we were recording. I liked the spirit of what she was saying essentially that she’s in her seventies and what if one day she wants to get high using an apple?? Well now she knows!!

DB: As you have been playing as a full band for a while now, do you think that you were more ‘in tune’ in recording Misery and Disaster than the first EP?

Iona: Yes, for sure. We weren’t a band at the time when we made that last EP. Nic didn’t play on it either. It’s been really cool getting better at the songs over time and getting used to playing a new instrument too.

DB: Indeed, you started Shit Present as a solo project. What was the reasoning behind the move to add the rest of the band? And how did that come about?

Iona: It actually started as a two piece with Ben on drums. We did a few shows and made a demo. Specialist subject wanted to put it out and we added bass and second guitar after and formed the band around it I guess! It was cool it coming together through email by Thom and Fitzy adding their guitars.

DB: Please tell me, what is the origin of the band name?!

Iona: The thing about the name yeah, is that it’s a double entendre and I don’t want to talk about it!

DB: What would say are your main lyrical and musical inspirations in Shit Present?

Iona: Osker & Shakira

DB: You recently went on tour with PUP! How did that go?

Iona: I had a really sick time. I think we all did. Really nice bunch of people and really fun sold out shows!

Check out Shit Present here: