Review: The Transgressions- Fucked Up 7″ (It’s Alive)

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Reviews

Transgressions are back! At least for a 7”. It’s strange to be so pleased for the return of a band that was barely around for a sustained period of time and didn’t even release a full-length. In 2009 and 2010, Transgressions released about 3 EPs/7”s of fun, but simultaneously grim and gritty pop-punk. ‘Fucked Up’, released last year on It’s Alive Records, basically continues as if only a couple of months had passed since their last release. I have always felt Transgressions stand out somewhat in the pop-punk scene. They walk a very fine, straddling the divide between the more traditional, catchy, bubblegum-y Ramonescore side of pop-punk and the more recently trendy gruff ‘n’ rough element of pop-punk. They sing about getting high on their couch, grim fairytales and holes in their socks. Think if you combined say the Ramones-y straight-forward immediacy of Varsity Weirdos with the tobacco-stained misery of The Credentials, before adding in the weed-fuelled apathy of Houseboat and that is pretty much Transgressions.

It’s a new-take on an old familiar: ‘Fucked Up’ blasts through three-chord, sub-2-minute pop-punk tales of getting high and wanting to get the girl. Green Day, anyone? But it’s also really, really not Green Day. Transgressions offer everything with a shrug; there is no idealistic romantic pining of “At the Library” here. Instead, they give us a “Grim Fairytale”, the stand-out track on this 7”, where a couple get together, as they “both share a love of opiates”. The pair is essentially as fucked up as each other. So, yeah it is a kind of twisted guy-gets-the-girl number. When they close the song with the lines, “in this song, the loser gets the girl”, it feels real, not like a clichéd, high school dork loser, like the American Pie generation sang about in the early 2000s: a proper loser. And that makes for proper pop-punk. Never has a better song about sock holes been written.

Check it out:



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