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About Us

Welcome to ‘Keep Track of the Time’: a webzine for punks with too much time on their hands. Or, to riff on a Frank Turner record title, a ‘positive blog for negative people’.

We are an international ensemble of writers who ‘chat shit’ about punk-related topics in a variety of formats, encompassing straight-forward reviews of records and live shows, interviews with bands, musicians and record labels, and retrospective reflections on older punk releases. For the latter, see René’s collection of track-by-track look-backs at classic pop-punk albums (‘Read Hard’s Classic Pop Punk Picks’) and the ‘Years of Our Lives’ column, in which Dave and René make their way through every year since they were born (’89, yo!), selecting their three favourite releases from that year. We also write about our ‘top ten songs’ from particular bands. Dave has also been known to write about and assess releases from It’s Alive Records on occasions. In the past, we have had some art on the site, too!

While Keep Track of the Time was birthed from a love of pop-punk, we write about a number of punk and indie-related genres on this old blog.

Anti-fascist. Anti-racist. Anti-sexist. Anti-homophobia. Anti-transphobia. Pro-peace. Pro-collaboration.

To keep up to date with the latest posts and ramblings and whatnot, check out the Facebook page for KTOTT:


We welcome submissions of albums/EPs/7”s/chewed-up old cassettes for review; if you would like to do so, please send your release to

We are picky though, so watch out.

We also invite new invite new contributors to Keep Track of the Time; you are welcome to write about whatever you like: reviews of records and gigs, interviews, monologues, ‘top tens’, drawings, whatever really. Same email address if you are interested:


So who are we?

Dave Brown (DB), Site Editor and Writer

Dave uncomfortably birthed Keep Track of the Time in March 2014, having previously wrote under the pseudonym ‘Skankin’ D’ for forgotten punk ‘zine (and then webzine) ‘Punk or Nothing’. Currently based in the ghost town of Coventry, England, where he has been holed up for far too long. Having grown up on Lookout! and Lookout!-esque pop-punk, Dave loves nothing more than curling up with a woah-oh or handclap. On KTOTT, he writes with Rene on the ‘Years of Our Lives’ column, reviews numerous records and gigs, and has been known to do an interview from time to time.

René (RH), Writer

René, 30, living in Bergen, Norway. He loves 90s pop punk, 80s post punk, 70s punk and most kinds of early 60s music and 50s rock ‘n’ roll. He previously DJ’ed at a student club in Bergen, playing classic pop-punk for the drunken masses. René writes the column “Read Hard’s Classic Pop Punk Picks” and “Years of Our Lives”, and reviews records.

Paul Silver (PS), Writer

Paul Silver has been going to punk shows and writing about punk music longer than you’ve been alive. GET OFF MY LAWN! He has run a tiny punk record label, DJ’ed at two different radio stations in the USA, and takes photos of punk bands while getting knocked about in the pit.


See you in the (web-based) pit, and in the meantime:

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