The 7” is such an ideal format for pop-punk and the latest DeeCRACKS release is testament to that fact. Four, sweet ‘n’ short blasts of snotty, hook-filled pop-punk with instant replay-ability. For some reason, long-running Austrian pop-punkers DeeCRACKS are a band that have passed me by somehow. Despite them being around in the Euro-punk scene since 2003 (!), they still feel like a relatively new band to me that I keep meaning to check out ‘at some point’. Well, check out I have, and the ‘Can’t Get it Right’ 7” captures a lot of what I love about straight-up pop-punk. The sound is ultra-melodic, but also with a bunch of attitude; lead singer Matt’s vocals have grit to them, but not overly so; the songs are compact and energetic, with the 7” clocking in at under six minutes.

Now, it goes without saying that there is a Ramones influence here, but it’s one which does not overly-dominate the sound. DeeCRACKS have clearly developed a distinct sound of their own, dabbling with elements of power-pop and rock ‘n’ roll. Recorded as part of the Sonic Delusions sessions, the first side of the 7” contains “Just Wanna Play”, a punchy, powerful and snotty pop-punk number that sits somewhere between The Queers and The Apers. It’s barely a minute long but packs a ton of energy and momentum into that time. My track of choice on this thing, however, is “Don’t Take It Out on Me” in which gruff, chaotic verses are contrasted with a wonderfully euphoric power-pop chorus. The ‘aaaahs’ and backing vocals on this track are really a thing of beauty. Think if mid-era Screeching Weasel had a baby with Teen Idols. The newly-recorded version of “Caroline” also shows off the band’s power-pop credentials; it’s a 30 second-ish song, but, good luck at getting it out of your head the rest of the day. There is also a pretty sweet cover of HEAD’s “Killed by Death” on the 7”, taken from the recent tribute compilation. Wowzers, I absolutely love this release; a must-have pop-punk 7” for 2020.

Check out the 7″ here: