Right from the opening, the debut full-length LP from the UK quartet Don’t Worry let you know this isn’t a happy record. With a “stomach full of old regrets and lager that’s too strong,” front man Ronan Kehoe takes a metaphorical journey home, to “go to bed and work out where it all went wrong.” The short, moody intro track “The Barber’s Got No Answers” sets the scene for the other ten songs on this LP full of lush, gorgeous indie music and lyrics that are less than joyful. The music sometimes jangles and sometimes gets a bit emo, but it’s always fully of pretty hooks and melodies. I love how “Big House” is bouncy and jangly, but at the same time it’s got a thick full sound. “Yeah, Me” opens with a quiet feel, but it builds, and has a bigger, more expansive sound emo sound. I really love “Wknd,” a quieter track featuring acoustic guitar, keyboards, and drum machine. The lyrics are simple, declaring repeatedly “It’s almost the weekend.” But the music paints an image in my mind of floating on a country lake on a warm sunny day. And “Confetti” is a beautiful song in that starts in waltz time, then moves to straight time and back again, It evokes images of early 90s emo blended with melodic indie-pop, with a sound that’s lush and tugs at the heartstrings, with a large striding feel. “Who Cares (Y Care)” is huge and epic, with alternative-meets-grunge sound, and after repeated listens has wormed its way into my heart as a favorite, especially that enormous chorus. The album, as a whole, has done the same, too. To answer the question posed by the album’s title, I care, very much.

Check it out here: https://specialistsubject.bandcamp.com/album/who-cares-anyway