Oldies and pop punk have always gone hand in hand, at least since the Ramones. With Donatella Guida on vocals and guitar, Francesco Dell’Antico on drums and Leonardo Serrini on bass The Beatersband from Rosignano Solvay, Italy play oldies songs (from the 50s and 60s) pop-punk style, describing themselves as ‘vintage punk rock ‘n’ roll’. The album VOL UNO includes covers of some of what I consider the best pop songs ever written and that’s a huge responsibility to take on, and I think the Beatersband does it well! I think the Ritchie Valens covers are the best ones, the opener “Come on Let’s Go” is quite similar to the original, but still feels new and is just an extremely well-done cover. The Phil Spector songs “Then He Kissed Me” (the Crystals) and “Baby I Love You” (the Ronettes) are both highlights of the album.

I think the overall style reminds me a bit of Beatnik Termites, one of the bands that have combined pop punk with oldies the best. Most of the musical aspects are wonderful and I like what I hear! The faster punk in the bridge of Paul Anka’s “Diana” is really great. Many of these songs have also been done by other bands, about half of them by the Ramones, and almost the entire other half has been bands covering Ramones album (Boris the Sprinkler did “Baby I Love You”, The Queers did “Do You Wanna Dance?” and “Surfin’ Bird”.) MxPx did a pretty good cover of “Donna”, so The Beatersband are filling some big shoes and I think they do it well. I suppose if you want to hear entirely new songs don’t come here, but if you enjoy these old tunes you should check out these covers!

Check it out here: https://thebeatersbandvintagepunkrocknroll.bandcamp.com/releases