Lesser Known Character, a four-piece from Bristol, play what can be best described as melodic skate-punk, a well-worn genre that grew up in the 1990s. As a DIY band, though, rather than one with the backing of a big “punk” label with big recording budgets, Lesser Known Character have a sound that’s more raw, and therefore, more honest. There’s no sense that they’re playing this music because they think it will sell; they’re playing it because they love it. There’s harmonized backing vocals, tons of melodic punk hooks, and more whoa-ohs than you can shake a stick at. But lest you think Lesser Known Character is a one-trick band, some of the songs have a metallic edge, particularly “A More Pallid Palate,” the fifth track of the six-song EP. And the closer, “Fake News” has less melody and more metallic thrash. The middle track, “Be A Man,” is a little different from the others, too, sounding to my ears more like the melodic post-pop-punk that bands like The Brigade (formerly Youth Brigade) were doing in the mid-eighties post-hardcore period. Nineties skate-punk isn’t one of my favored genres, but by mixing things up and playing from their hearts, I think Lesser Known Character are on to something here.

Check it out here: https://lesserknowncharacter.bandcamp.com/