Screaming at Traffic are a recently formed punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg makes me think of one thing and one thing only: Propagandhi. Sonically, Screaming at Traffic don’t really sound much like Propagandhi- instead offering up a serving of Fest-bound gruff punk rock- but they do retain the political punks’ commanding vocals and muscular guitars. “Y.B.F.” is the band’s first single from their forthcoming debut full-length, following an EP last year. It’s mid-tempo, aggressive and raw punk miserabilia about seasonal depression and not wanting to leave your room. It’s noisy and angst-y but you can tap your toes to it. Off With Their Heads would be the obvious, lazy reference, but I don’t think Screaming at Traffic actually much like them. Instead, think recent releases by Red City Radio or Goodbye Blue Monday, a great Scottish band I discovered last year. I also get the raw and anthemic hooks of fellow Canadians Pkew Pkew Pkew. The chunkiness of the guitars and the booming vocals elevates this single about the gruff punk masses. The starkness and frankness of the lyrics are welcome, too: “I’d rather drink myself to death with cheap red wine and cigarettes than admit I’m over my head/I think I’ll spend next winter in my bed”. I’m unsure at how the intensity of the angst and confessionalism on “Y.B.F.” holds up over an entire album, but I’m excited to find out. A very cool song, indeed.

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