Review: Delinquents- ‘Sober on Sunday’ EP (Self-released)

Posted: April 18, 2019 in Reviews

As with their first EP ‘About Last Night’, Delinquents’ ‘Sober on Sunday’ EP combines varied styles and influences to produce a coherent and forthright punk release. The EP is underpinned by a clear appreciation of all things ’77 punk, from The Clash to Generation X to Stiff Little Fingers; however, the sound never descends into pure aping, as is often the case. Delinquents are a band with ideas and that’s the most refreshing thing about ‘Sober on Sunday’. The opening title track is a hardcore-tinged and aggressive 2-minute punk blitz about anarchic recklessness and subsequent regret that recalls bands like 999 or The Exploited, as well as early Rancid. Themes of drinking and nihilism continue on from the ‘About Last Night’ EP.

Following the title track, the rest of the EP is a more sedate and melodically pleasing affair, packed with lead singer David’s snarly and snotty vocals, not unlike those of Jake Burns or Fat Mike. “Three Sheets to the Wind” occupies a middle ground between mid-tempo indie rock and melodic punk and reminds me of Warning-era Green Day in some ways. “No Disguise” is easily the best song on the EP for me though, as a straight-up driving and hook-filled pop-punk banger. It’s a confessional and self-analytical track about dealing with mental health challenges, with lines such as and “My emotions get the best of me/I take everything personally” and “I’m sick of the feeling that I’m sinking”. Despite the seriousness of the lyrics, the whole song feels upbeat and bouncy, sounding at least partly influenced by ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll. The song suggests authentic, impassioned and heart-on-sleeve punk, as does the acoustic closer to the EP “Sinner” which recalls something like Joe McMahon, but left me feeling like it didn’t quite reach its potential. Overall, a decent follow-up effort from the Dundee punks, showcasing an ability to grow and find their own voice!

Check out the EP here:



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