Review: Our Souls- ‘I Might Drink Myself to Death’ EP (Self-released)

Posted: April 14, 2019 in Reviews

A wonderfully melodic, smart and energetic gruff punk release from recently formed Leicester band Our Souls. Apparently, Our Souls features members of bands ‘you’ve never heard of or less cared about’. It’s that kind of attitude that underpins a self-deprecating and downbeat punk EP! Our Souls have got the jagged guitars, raspy vocals and poetic sense of hope that Mid-west punks like The Manix or Banner Pilot excel at. The opening song “45” is definitely my favourite, as a rough-around-the-edges, mid-tempo and hook-filled punk track that echoes Banner Pilot’s earlier material. Those opening super-melodic duelling guitars are to die for, immediately making me sit up on first listen of the EP. The song has a great sense of purpose, moving along at just the right tempo, with the gang vocals coming in at just the right moments. It is a very smartly-written track, with a bunch of note-worthy lyrics: “A rare ray of light/Renewed hope? Oh I don’t think so no/It’s time for fight or flight/ Are you a limp wrist or a clenched fist?”

I’m not sure what the ’45’ in the song refers to, but when I’m tapping my toes so much, I don’t really care. Not all tracks on the EP are in the vein of Mid-west; others are more akin to aggressive hardcore punk. Notably, “Another Five Days” is an unrelenting, intense and fast-paced anti-work song. The EP flits between the two styles and while I prefer the poppier, melodically-pleasing stuff, the faster, more aggressive material works well too and complements the former well. The final track “Post-Funny” slows things down, highlighting a sound closer to Dear You-era Jawbreaker. The lyrics are again intelligent; the track is about making plans and sticking to them and not procrastinating over them or allowing the plans to collect dust: “Any sick day will be guilt free/And every ‘I quit’ fantasy will be seen”. In both lyrical content and melodic style, this track reminds me a bunch of French punks Heavy Heart’s recent release (which is another ripper FYI). As far as debut EPs go, Our Souls’ ‘I Might Drink Myself to Death’ is up there with the very best. Promising would be an understatement!

Check it out here:



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