Review: Quitters- My Own Worst Enemy EP (Red Toad Music)

Posted: April 2, 2019 in Reviews

It’s not often that I use the word “lush” in reference to a pop punk band, but this new EP from Montpellier, France’s Quitters is just that. The music is thick, with interesting complexities in the arrangement that might be more often found in an indie band than a punk band. The five-song EP opens with the title track, and it’s one that jangles like mad. The melody is simple enough, but the thoughtful guitar interplay and hooky lines really make the track. And, like I said, it just feels very rich and full. “Better Off Dead” makes the unusual move of putting the song in 3/4, or waltz time. Despite this, the song has all of the hallmarks of a great sing-along, and the use of distorted guitar harmonics is pretty cool. “Letter to Forgotten Friends” may be my favorite track of the EP, with its sense of urgency, awesome hooks, and wistful feel. “Burn Your House Down” is a fairly standard emotional pop punk track, one that would be a standout for many bands but here is the plainest of the bunch. And the closer, “Biting the Dust,” has gorgeous meandering guitar lines and uses dissonant harmonics to punctuate melodic lines that sound familiar yet fresh. I hope Quitters never quit making great music like this.

Check it out here:



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