Review: Nadir- Collecting Misery (Hopesick)

Posted: April 2, 2019 in Reviews

Formed by Off With Their Heads’ bassist Robbie Swartwood, one might be forgiven for thinking that Nadir is another Chicago (or at least Midwestern) punk band. But one would be incorrect. Calling the New York City borough of Queens their home, Nadir play a vaguely “Fest” style of pop punk, mixed with more rock and roll influence. Some of the songs certainly have a Chicago toughness about them, which I think mainly comes from the strong bass lines. Listen to “Paper Trails” for what I’m talking about. The bass smacks you in the face in the way Big Black, Pegboy or Naked Raygun songs do. The guitars, on the other hand, are trying to be a little more melodic than wall of sound. My main problem with this mini-LP, though, has to be with the vocals. There’s just something a bit off with them; they’re never quite on key. Those vocals tend also tend to make otherwise tight instrumentals feel a little too loose. The other thing that bothers me a little bit, but not as much, is that there’s nothing unique here, nothing to make these eight songs stand out from the myriad other bands vying for our listening attention. It sounds pretty much like a thousand other bands you’re not aware of because you don’t go to your local dive bars that provide a venue for local bands to play. There are a couple of songs that don’t sound like everything else, though. “Buried Above Ground” owes more to grunge and 90s post hardcore than pop punk, while the title track and the closer, “Born To Die Alone,” are mostly acoustic, but even these last two sound pretty much like every pop punk band that does an acoustic song while the drummer relaxes. I know there are people who are going to automatically like this because of the connection to Off With Their Heads, but I just can’t do it.

Check it out here:



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