Review: Neurotic Fiction- Pulp Music (Specialist Subject)

Posted: December 22, 2018 in Reviews

Wow! The band describe themselves as “post-punk,” but I think that sells themselves short. This record is so much more than generic post-punk. Neurotic Fiction, from the UK’s West Country, plays music that’s light and airy, jangly, intense, garage-like, psychedelic, jazzy, and surfy. I love the lead guitars, the way they play meandering lines, and especially the glorious surf tone. The songs are far from straightforward, with complex structures and beautifully harmonized vocals. It’s almost if there’s some math-rock influence here, as well. After the delicate opener, “Social Animal,” “Collateral” is a more aggressive, angry sounding track. The rapid pace, intricate guitars, and dark chorus make this one of my favorite tracks of the album. “Warm Spirit” is another up-tempo track, with a beautiful melodic line. The rhythm section drives this song ever forward with authority, as the surf guitar plays another dark, labyrinthine line. I really like the retro-sounding “Loose End,” with its doo-wop sort of feel, but with very English shouting of the title during the chorus. “Mediator” is another favorite, the least surf and most indie-pop sounding track of the bunch. The harmonized lead vocals and the backing vocals are just gorgeous. It’s a shame that so many music publications put out their “best of” lists so early, because some great music that needs to be considered comes out in the last couple months of the year, and Neurotic Fiction’s debut LP is one of those.

Check it out here:



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