Review: Dental Plan- S/T EP (Self-released)

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Reviews

Australian indie-rockers Dental Plan have released their debut EP, three songs of pleasant music from the trio. They’re indie, bordering on pop punk and power pop, but not solidly falling on either side of the fence. Though they break no new ground, the songs are decent enough to listen to. They jangle on the thinner parts, and sound fuller than a three piece in the thicker parts. Two bits of (hopefully constructive) criticism: The first and last songs, “Weighed Down” and “Stare at the Sun,” sound too much a like. They’re the same exact tempo, have the same feel, and the melodic lines have too much in comment. Vary things more. And the vocals on “Stare at the Sun” just seem a bit off, a little too loose. The middle track, “Deep Low,” is a slower one with a grungier, darker feel than the other two. I normally like the jangle, but this track may be my favorite of the three.

Check it out here:



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