Review: Debt Neglector- The Kids are Pissed (Smartpunk)

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Reviews

Last spring Debt Neglector released their debut LP and I commented that I couldn’t wait to hear what they did next. Well, next is here! This six-song EP continues the Orlando band’s powerful music, which I’ll dub pop-core. It’s pop punk, but with a harder post-hardcore edge. There’s less diversity on the EP than there was on the LP, but the songs are still catchy and strong. I still hear some Rocket From The Crypt influence, particularly in the use of driving guitars, chord progressions, and bass lines in “Go Fund Yourself.” I really like “Wrong Side,” a catchy song about being on the wrong side of “it,” whatever “it” may be. It’s simple, but it’s definitely an earworm. Likewise, “R.P.F.O.” is super catchy. I really like it when music is melodic and bouncy, yet aggressive at the same time and Debt Neglector do that really well. The title track closes things out as the hardest track of the bunch, with an almost metallic feel, with Metallica-style vocals. Now, to get Debt Neglector to tour the west coast of the USA!

Check it out here:



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