Review: Cheerbleederz- Faceplant EP (Alcopop!)

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Reviews

This is the debut EP from the trio that is Cheerbleederz. The four songs are wall-of-guitar pop with the most gorgeous harmonized vocals I’ve heard in a long time. One of the key things I love is how the instrumentals are grittier and more rhythmic, while the vocals seemingly glide above, serene and angelic. I adore the huge sound of the chorus on “Don’t Hesitate,” and how it contrasts with the sparser guitar of the verses. The constant beat and drone of the rhythm section, unceasing, unchanging, reminds me of Stereolab a lot, and in turn, the amazing minimalism of bands like Neu! going further back. And the closer, “Cabin Fever,” starts out with glorious a cappella harmonies. This was the lead single, and it’s a short two-minute track that includes the repeated refrain, “I think that we’re all doomed.” Why? Because of a crush. Don’t we all feel that way in the initial stages of a crush? I look forward to more from Cheerbleederz.

Check it out here:



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