Review: Yr. Poetry- ‘Lost Boys’ EP (Self-released)

Posted: April 4, 2018 in Reviews

I become aware of Yr Poetry last year with the release of the ‘One Night Alive’ EP and pretty instantly dug it. I mean, that is not surprising considering that I am fairly big fan of Alexei (guitar) and Junior’s (drums) ‘other’ band, Johnny Foreigner. The ‘Lost Boys’ EP is part 2 of a 3-part EP collection, a “are-we-good-enough-to-get-paid-for-this?” experiment, according to their bandcamp. Instantly, you get those JoFo feels, when the fuzzy, math-y and crunchy guitars kick in on opener “Sons”, probably the highlight of the EP. You’ve got wooh-oohs, driving melodies and a fist-raised-in-the-air chorus; this is pop-punk magic. The lyrics are among the most memorable I’ve heard in recent times, with Alexei reflexively getting to grips with the gender make-up of the band’s audience and then relating that to music politics more broadly:

“And I know what yr thinking: Hark the hypocrites are singing
Saying “there’s too many boys in our bands” whilst adding two
If I can’t be the change then I’ll be the klaxon”

It’s a biting, critical and much needed take-down of the male dominated indie scene. “Sons” is probably enough to already make me name this my favourite EP of the year but the other songs are also not half bad. “I Swear I Swear I Swear (It’s All Bullshit)” is an exhilarating, fast-paced tune with an addictive chorus of sheer simplicity: It’s all bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…” (repeat ad infinitum). There is a sense of frustration and itchiness to change things, of the need for that “klaxon”. On “The Whole Tooth”, the cynicism and ennui in Brexit Britain is brought to the forefront, calling for people to rise above that, to “Be a gap in the crowds/Be a plot in the ground/Be a break in the clouds/Be lost and get found”.

The vibe changes quite considerably on the space-y, slowed-down indie on closer “Dads” though, a song about Dads dying and looking back at your youth, thinking how you were with your Dad then, revolving around an ‘electricity-based’ narrative. It’s an emotional, raw and super interesting track that makes you feel simultaneously sad, uncomfortable and also want to laugh. The lyrics hit quite hard, but have sharp wit to them, as JoFo always have. It’s the classic tragedy/comedy thing. Seriously, one of the most fascinating and exciting new-ish indie bands out there today. I’m waiting for the “mums” follow-up on the next EP.


Check it out here:


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