Review: The Run Up- S/T (Real Ghost/Get Party)

Posted: January 16, 2018 in Reviews

Big sing-along pop punk that will have you punching your first upward while your other arm wraps around your mate’s neck, your hand clutching a pint of beer that’s sloshing all over as you shout out lyrics at the top of your lungs. The tracks are melodic, with the vocal lines gliding slowly over guitars that move at a more rapid pace. On some of the tracks, there’s even hints of jangle in those guitars. The overall sound reminds me of a blend of RVIVR and The Penske File. You get the explosive, emotive qualities of the Canadian band, with melodic lines that soar, ready for gang vocals, like Washington State’s finest. “Line ‘Em Up” is a favorite, for its moves back and forth between straight time and double time and its beautiful guitar embellishments. The gang vocals at the start of “More Colours” remind me a bit of one of the most underrated bands of all time, Gauge (the Chicago area early 90s band). “Hurting So Much It Laughs” is a simple song, but has a beautiful soaring melody, and the guitar embellishments in the bridge are, again, gorgeous. The album closes with “Sociopath’s Salute,” a perfect anthemic number to end on. This Bristol band has only done a short US tour, limited to the Southeastern states, leading up to 2017’s Fest, but I hope they make it to the West Coast of the USA, because this is a band that’s sure to be a lot of fun live.


Check it out here:


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