Review: Teenage Gluesniffers/Cocks ‘El Split’ 7″ (I Buy Records)

Posted: August 10, 2017 in Reviews

The problem I have with a lot of ‘euro pop-punk’ (and specifically those of the Ramonescore variety) is not necessarily the song-writing, but the plodding, mid-tempo pace. However, this split between two Italian pop-punk bands, Teenage Gluesniffers and Cocks, has high intensity, speed and aggression throughout. The hooks are pretty fantastic, too.  This split is the sound of two pop-punk bands really on form. I was pretty familiar with Teenage Gluesniffers, but I think these are the best batch of tracks I’ve heard by them. Sorry to bring out a lazy Italian pop-punk comparison, but the three tracks by the ‘Gluesniffers’ remind me of a more aggressive Manges. Opening track “Mahatma Gandhi will get angry for this one” (love the title) is crunchy, full of vigour and angst, recalling The Apers somewhat. “The Velvet Voice Ventriloquist” is The Murderburgers channelled through Latte+. It’s self-deprecating and relatable, probably my favourite song on the Teenage Gluesniffers’ side of the split.

Matching the Gluesniffers in intensity and catchiness, Cocks actually play a pretty different kind of pop-punk. Their influences appear to come less from ‘euro pop-punk’, but more from the other side of the pond. Chinese Telephones, The Copyrights and Pinhead Gunpowder initially come to mind. “22” is a fantastic, driving pop-punk sing-a-long that should please fans of Dear Landlord. Meanwhile, the intensity of “Regard me this night” is infectious, recalling Chinese Telephones at their fidget-y best. The two bands covered each other for the third song on the split and Cocks’ cover of TGS “Peabody Award Shithead Trophy” is probably my favourite song on this thing. It’s hook-laden, crunchy and has a memorable pop-punk chorus, complete with sing-along breakdown at the end. Good stuff, Italy!

Listen here:



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