Review: Talk Show Host- Not Here to Make Friends EP (self-released)

Posted: August 6, 2017 in Reviews

One thing I love about reviewing records is that I get exposed to so many great bands that I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. I’ve never heard of Talk Show Host before, but you can be assured that I’ll be following them now. This new five-song EP features harmonized vocals, strong melodies and powerful indie rock crossed with pop punk. “Dead Meat” combines a wall of guitar with a wall of vocals – yes, the vocals are that powerful – to create a song that’s strong enough to pull the listener in and want more. “We’re Not Here to Make Friends” is next, with a sort of Bad Religion-like feel, but with a brighter, major key sound and fewer syllables in the words. “I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)” is a fun track, with the feel of a punk rock Broadway show. It starts out with male vocals singing all about male privilege. Part way through the track, the male vocals give way to female vocals and a soulful sound, and that’s when the lyrics get really nasty! “Men are stains of insignificant pus!” Well, on the whole we are, you know? “Watch Him Fall” is an OK track, but not my favorite. It’s slower, but doesn’t seem to go anywhere in my opinion. But “Nervous Wreck” returns to form with another up-tempo, melodic punk track. It’s got a great big sound, and may be my favorite of the EP. But then, most of them are my favorite.

Listen here:



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