Review: I Like Allie- The Wounds You Leave EP (Paper and Plastick)

Posted: August 6, 2017 in Reviews

I’ll say it right at the start – I like I Like Allie. This five-song EP contains four great indie pop tracks that border on pop punk, plus one that’s a little less poppy and a little grungier.  The songs jangle, but with a welcome rough edge. The music never gets too poppy or sappy, but it has hooks all over the place, and even a bit of emotional angst in the music (but this is definitely not emo). “Guerrero” opens things with a jangle then a brash clash of guitars, setting a strong tone for the EP. There are some nice counterpoints in the guitar lines that add a really great texture to what would otherwise be a non-descript sing-along pop punk song. At the bridge, things get a bit quieter and there’s a spot where the bass gets to shine, too. “Forever Gone” continues the record, with more of the thoughtful writing and arranging that gives these tracks such life. The contrasting sections maintain interest while the hooks reel you in. I like “Personal Politics” a lot. It’s got a great energy to it and I love the melodic line. “They Didn’t Charge Us For The Wine” starts out similarly to the other tracks, with loud edgy, yet jangly guitars. But after the bridge it becomes a borderline grunge track. The jangle gives way to power, as the key changes. Feedback and bent notes fill out the sound, and the power chords swell and the vocals become more insistent. It’s really effective. “Nemesi (Dean and Cindy Take a Break)” closes things out in an epic manner, as everything sounds bigger here. If you like big powerful pop punk with an edge (and who doesn’t really?), you’re going to love this. This also seems like a band that would be tremendous to see live in a packed, sweaty club, everyone raising their pints of beer, arms around each other’s shoulders, singing along and pressing ever forward toward the band. Recommended.

Listen here:



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