Review: Radiohearts- Daytime Man (EP, Wanda)

Posted: July 4, 2017 in Reviews

After reviewing the “Lot to Learn” and “Nothing at All” EPs, I’m always excited to hear what the Radiohearts can bring to the table and I was very excited to hear “Daytime Man”. “Daytime Man” is another EP, this time with five tracks, in under nine minutes. It starts out with the ’77 style title track, “Daytime Man”, that starts up with guitar soloing and has handclaps. After the soloing, there is also a pretty cool new wave part making the song even catchier. I really love those handclaps. The second song, “Alright”, also has the same ol’ punk solo-ing, but this song is quite different from “Daytime Man” and at times sounds like the Strokes or something. The song is about giving up, but you’re still going to be alright. Great tune! “Know That Song” is a classic power pop song. It’s extremely catchy and the harmonies add to the catchiness. There’s a meta aspect to it, as it’s a song about a song; in many ways it makes me think of “Please Play This Song on the Radio” by NOFX, only this one is better. It’s easily a chorus that could grow and get stuck in your head. My favorite song on the EP.

“No More” is the shortest song on the EP. A cool little tambourine in this song and a bass line that stands out. “Wasting Time” is probably the most Radiohearts-sounding song and could fit into “Lot to Learn”, and it could also fit into the late ‘70s. So, the Radiohearts still deliver. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting an album, but they’ve perfected the EP format. One of the bands from now that I found most interesting, probably because they sound like they’re not from now.

Check it out here:



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