Review: Nervous Triggers- Do the Drool (Forced Abandonment/ Viking On Campus)

Posted: July 4, 2017 in Reviews

This four song EP is the New Jersey band’s debut (not counting the demo they released last year). “The Drool” is apparently a dance that you do under fascist rule, mouth agape and eyes glazed over, and Nervous Triggers advise us to learn how to do it pretty fast. It’s punk crossed with eerie garage rock, with full on organ. “Final War,” the third track, also has the keyboards, giving the track a retro 60s sound mixed in with the punk rock. This one is a mid-tempo track, with an easy loping sound, yet it pounds hard. The second track, “Zero State Solution,” is full on old school punk, fast’n’loud, while “Bricks & Mortars” has the sound of a western movie soundtrack mixed in with the punk rock. All of the songs are highly political, a throwback to the old days of punk rock, and the musicianship is pretty tight. Those who like their old school political punk will enjoy this strong debut a lot.

Check it out here:



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