Review: Holiday- California Steamin’ (Pumpkin/Brassneck/Antikoeper-Export/ Prejudice Me/ No Time)

Posted: July 4, 2017 in Reviews

Five labels conspired to bring this pop punk LP from the UK band Holiday. The music on this debut full-length LP is universally bouncy and poppy. The tempos of the songs are mid-tempo to brisk, the fuzzed out guitars jangle like mad, and the melodies are laden with hooks. Lyrics focus on social commentary. The album starts out with a bang on “Let’s Go Outside,” a real barn-burner that sets the tone for the whole album. I enjoy “Lunch Break,” a breezy track about the drudgery we all go through to try and make some money just to survive. The melodic line is lighter than the fuzzy guitars or the subject matter would suggest. “Dark Matters” is a favorite track, reminding me of one of the great bands of the late ‘80s and into the ‘90s from central Illinois in the US, The Poster Children. The big guitars and melodic progression used is great. “Desperation Town” is another great one, with a rapid-fire beat and some great guitar lines. One thing that did annoy me a bit in this recording is that there’s too much reverb in everything. It sounds like it was recorded in a giant empty hall, and it was just a bit distracting. A drier sound would have been appreciated. But this is a very promising debut.

Check it out here:



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