Review: Heavy Heart- Distance (Brassneck)

Posted: June 11, 2017 in Reviews

A new-ish melodic-punk band straight out of Nantes, France (some town in Northern France!). Following 2015’s ‘New Discoveries’ 12”, Distance is their debut full-length. Heavy Heart play a straight-up gritty brand of pop-punk that would fit in well at Fest. If we are record-labelling, their sound is a cross between late-era Fat Wreck and that classic No Idea sound. Banner Pilot, The Sainte Catherines and Iron Chic all spring to mind, with Heavy Heart’s crunchy guitars, complemented by gang vocals and hook-laden choruses.

More than any of these, though, the gritty, driving melodies on Distance remind me the most of under-appreciated Minneapolis punks The Manix. It’s smart, thoughtful and intense, in the same way. Lyrically, Heavy Heart engage in some good ol’ existential crises! The idea of ‘distance’ looms over the whole record, highlighting one’s perceived disconnection from the outside world. The stand-out track on the album “Worrier” says this best for me: “This life is scaring the shit out of me”. The group vocal chorus of “Take me, take me home” on this one reminds me of the best of Iron Chic. Other highlights? “Caged” and “Poison” are just pure, undiluted melodic punk goodness, but it is “Faces”, when Heavy Heart slow things down a little, that things get most interesting. It’s the album’s ‘ballad’, recalling perhaps early Jimmy Eat World at points or The Promise Ring. I love the lyrics on this one:

“Have we become so different? Or have we always been? I find it hard to say, because thinks they’ve stayed the same”

So, yeah, Distance is a pretty great debut punk rock album. As soon as the ear-worm-y lead guitars come in on opener “Unravel”, I was pretty much hooked. I mean, Heavy Heart are not re-writing the book, but when the songwriting is this good and the hooks are this big, who gives a shit?

Check it out here:



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