Review: Coffee Breath- I’ll Lost Interest In This (Further the Sky/ Honeypot)

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Reviews

Image result for coffee breath I'll lose interest in this

This Birmingham band presents their debut EP featuring four songs of math-pop. There’s lots of flowing guitars that dance around in a sort of swirly way, plenty of tempo and time signature changes, and changes from quiet and delicate to loud and raucous. All in the same song! There’s also a bit of dream pop influence at play on some of the songs, with loads of reverb. Emotional vocal deliveries complete the package, with an incredible tonal range, spanning many octaves and feelings. I think what strikes me most are those dueling jazzy guitar riffs that toy around with each other, sometimes playing follow the leader, other times seemingly playing very different songs, but it all fits together.

I think that of the four tracks “Playfight,” is my favorite, as it best embodies the full range of characteristics of this band.  “Summertime” is a beautiful one, too, with an unorthodox waltz time for the opening section, then going into a more conventional loud indie sound in four/four time, then back and forth again. The guitar interplay is lovely, and the vocals are intense in places. The other two tracks are also similar in nature, and while I do like them and they are beautiful, there’s just something missing for me. All the swirling guitars can come off a bit contrived if overdone. And the guitar tones are perhaps a little too clean. Those vocals, though, do feel quite honest.

Listen here:



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