Review: Austeros- I’ve Got This EP (Specialist Subject)

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Reviews

Pop enough for the indie-pop fans and edgy enough for the pop punk fans, this five song EP from UK outfit Austeros is just right for those of us who have one foot in each camp. Singer/guitarist Jeremy Pitcher has obviously been listening to plenty of power pop, because the song writing is hook laden, bouncy, and jangly. It’s kind of obvious that Green Day is a pretty strong influence, as well. What makes this EP so great to listen to is not only the great song writing or the catchy melodies, but it’s also the passion that comes through in Pitcher’s vocals.

The album begins with  “To Be You,” a mid-tempo cut that’s a real cut down – “Sucks to be you” goes the refrain, as the lyrics detail all of the flaws of the person being addressed. The guitars are nice and fuzzy, yet jangly, while the vocals have a hint of sadness to them. “Dead Cells” has an outstanding power-pop sound, and lyrics about killing ones own senses via killing brain cells. “Cherished” is the quietest and shortest track, featuring acoustic guitar and what sounds like a keyboard, but the vocals are pretty strong. But it’s really “Figure of Speech” where Pitcher comes into his own. Besides a great melody, with diverse sounds from raucous and fuzzy to quiet and calm, the vocals are particularly passionate on this one. “You trip when you run your mouth off like that,” the chorus declares, another put down, indicating the songs on this EP represent a lot of cathartic release. I think this one is my favorite track of the EP. “Island” closes things out similarly to the way it opens, with a mid-tempo, a great jangly feel, and lyrics about never really feeling like an island, that is a loner, but the tide is rising – distance is developing in a relationship, it seems.

This EP was my first exposure to Austeros, but it certainly makes me want to go back to their previous LP and two previous EPs to hear more.

Listen here:



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