Review: Isotopes- 1994 World Series Champions (Stomp)

Posted: April 30, 2017 in Reviews

I feel like Isotopes represent the stereotype of American youth culture perfectly. And they are of course from Canada. Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, but they are currently based in Louisville, Kentucky, if I’m not off base. An athletic addition to the Ramonescore-landscape they describe themselves as Baseball Punk, and have set themselves out to educate the public about baseball’s etiquette and gameplay. 1994 World Series Champions kicks off with the first inning “What We do Ain’t Secret”, the title is a Germs reference and I love it. The music is straight up pop punk and shows us what is ahead on the record right off the bat. Though they are Canadian, Isotopes sound very European and could easily be from Italy if it wasn’t for the native North American accent. I have no idea who George Brett is and most of the Baseball references are lost on me. I also believe that, with the exception of a couple of Riverdales and old Oi! Songs, sports have no place in punk! I don’t feel like I’m getting educated on the subject through these songs either. That being said, Little Deuce Coupe by the Beach Boys is one of my favorite albums and I can’t stand cars either.

The song that has caught my attention the times I’ve listened to the album the most is “Indian Summer”. It’s a catchy little song and it’s definitely a highlight of the record. Other highlights are “Morganna” a very Riverdales sounding tune and “Rochelle Rochelle” that is very Ramones-y and catchy in its own way. The album is not bad, but it’s very generic. Many bands have done this thing before and better. I also feel like songs are a bit too repetitive for my taste. I keep on wondering; is the sandlot the place on the baseball field where there’s sand? Anyway, if you love to go to parties at the sandlot, whatever that is, this is the album for you!

Check it out here:



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