Review: Grand- Pop- Eight Nights (Specialist Subject)

Posted: April 30, 2017 in Reviews

Wow! I’ve found a solid contender for my best records of 2017 list. Imagine blending the upbeat positive sound of RVIVR with the rock’n’roll of The Dirty Nil, then mix in the powerful melodies and solid work ethic of Success, and you have the start of an idea of what Grand-Pop sounds like. The Bristol band’s songs are tight and uplifting, melodic and powerful, and Warren Mallia’s vocals are strong and confident, reminding me of a smoother version of The Dirty Nil’s Luke Bentham, with the way it dives and bends notes, while remaining rock-solid and powerful. There are amazing touches in the songs, like in the opener, “Drop Trow,” which starts hard and charges forward the whole time – until the 2:40 mark, when it suddenly gets quiet but for a single whispering guitar, before it explodes again several seconds later. “Nova Scotia” is a favorite track, probably as much for the vocal gymnastics as for the great melody. “On and On” has a minimalist feel to the melody, which I like, and the vocals are particularly strong on this one. Throughout all these tracks, the sense of melody is amazing, and the power rarely lets up. This is highly recommended!

Check it out here:



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