Review: Broken Field Runner- Heavy Hanging Fruit EP (Jetsam Flotsam)

Posted: April 30, 2017 in Reviews

Broken Field Runner’s latest release is a four-song EP in five tracks. The Albany, New York indie band plays songs that have a sadness running through them. Themes of loss and miscarriage run through the record. Punctuating these tracks at the start, middle, and end are recordings of a child reading the Bible story of the ejection of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The child reads in a very deadpan way, as a child reads without comprehension. This seems to represent the loss of faith that can go along with such a traumatic experience as miscarriage. The middle one of these is juxtaposed with a recording of a woman giving birth, adding to the feeling of confusion and pain. The songs themselves balance a delicate touch with power. “Expecting” is the first song, and it’s the most raucous of the EP, with a hint of fury in it.  “Skin Under These Nails” slows and quiets things down a lot, and the sorrow is palpable, especially as the song builds in intensity toward the end. “Wish You Were Here Instead of Me” has a simple melody and a slow pace, but the fuzzed guitars and deliberate tempo belie an underlying strength behind the despair that comes through in the song.  The title track closes things out with a short delicate song, very understated. This is a beautiful, sad record.

Check it out here:



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