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Peaness is a trio from Chester in the UK who perform gorgeous, bouncy indie-pop. Formed in 2014, this five-song EP is their fifth release. The harmonized vocals are smooth and pretty, just like the jangly guitar-driven instrumentals. The songs have a sunny feel to them, like a breezy island jaunt. You can almost feel the warm, balmy air blowing through your hair. And I wrote that line before I even saw that the second track is entitled “Seafoam Islands,” so there you are. The songs are catchy and sweet, and they remind me of some of the best indie pop of the 90s, perhaps because of the harmonized female vocals (the band is a trio of women) reminding me in some ways of the late, lamented Tsunami, which featured a pair of women on vocal duties. The opener, “Oh George,” is a light, airy tune, with hints of Britpop like Stiff Records was putting out back in the day. The aforementioned “Seafoam Islands” has a bit of a funky flair and the best harmonized vocals of the EP. “Same Place” is, I think, my favorite track, with a more modern indie-pop feel than the other tracks, with a definite jazzy influence in parts. “Skin Surfing” and “Ugly Veg” close things out, and are in also fun tracks. The instrumentation on this record is a little thin. I think Peaness may benefit from the addition of a second guitar, but I really like the sweet sounds.

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