Review: The Bare Minimum- Sink to the Top (Self-released)

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Reviews

Do you remember when thrashy hair metal was a thing? In the nineties it was pretty big, and even back in the mid eighties, many hardcore punk bands tried to cash in on metal’s popularity by “crossing over.” And most of it wasn’t very successful. That’s what this album reminds me of – a thrash punk band turned into a crossover metal band. From the very start, “Sink to the Top” makes it very clear that this album is not for punkers; it’s for metal heads. The album’s pair of openers are clearly metal enough, but “Garbage Lungs” takes the cake for trying to be a very commercial pop-tinged metal track. The exception seems to be “Comfortable Cages,” which sounds like a Romani melodic hardcore band, and is actually a pretty decent song. And “Please Sir, I Want Some More” is very metallic, but the melodic lines are pleasing. The rest of the album, though, is unabashed commercial-sounding metal. Which is why I am confused as to why this band tries to market itself to the punk community. If they focused on metal-heads they might find more traction.

Listen here:



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