Review: The Hung Ups- Panic Attack (EP, RTTB)

Posted: March 2, 2017 in Reviews

I’m delighted to review this great punk treasure from Salt Lake City. I’m familiar with most of their work and have always found them to be a band that could make a good tune. Singer, Josh, also had a side project called Budnick that I thought had some really good songs back in the day, and was not that far from the Hung Ups musically. The Hung Ups play simple and catchy pop punk. They are melodic but gritty continuing the Crimpshrine/Fifteen legacy. Musically, it sounds somewhat Screeching Weasel inspired. Lyrically, the themes consist of the usual pop punk tropes. We get songs about UFO’s and heartbreak. There is a lot of anger and animosity in the songs and we can hear a frustrated protagonist fail at love and yell “I’d rather just make you angry”. We also get to hear guest vocals from Ashlie Longo; she sings on the track “UFOs”, and “Joe and Suzy” is a duet between Josh and Ashlie. “Joe and Suzy” is definitely a highlight on the EP. The cover art is great as well and is done by Steven Franks, who I’m pretty sure has made most of the Hung Ups cover art.

Many of the lyrics are mental health related and we experience adjectives like “worried” and “insane”, not to mention that the EP is called “Panic Attack”. I’ve heard many Hung Ups releases and they always end up being better than I expected. I would say there is something amateurish and sophomore about the band and they remind me why I got into punk rock in the first place. To me they sound like the core of pop punk, but they also have something incredibly unique about them. So many bands try the whole catchy and gritty thing, but I think the Hung Ups succeed where other bands fail. Fun record!

Check it out here:



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