Review: The Chinchees- S/T (Self-released)

Posted: March 2, 2017 in Reviews

Minneapolis is pretty well renowned for its punk scene, spawning a number of wonderful bands over the last couple of decades, including Banner Pilot, Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads and Soviettes. The Chinchees are one of the more recent to pop up from the Minneapolis punk scene; however they sound little like what you might associate with the more typical Minneapolis sound. While the bands mentioned are very much in the ‘melodic punk’ camp, The Chinchees play pretty much straightforward lo-fi, poppy garage punk. Think Marked Men, Radioactivity or Sonic Avenues.

The self-titled debut album from The Chinchees does not let up for the entire playing time, infecting the listener’s ears, with its hyper-energetic, melodic and spiky dose of punk. Their determination to stay at high tempo (and avoid the slower garage-pop numbers, as their peers are partial to) reminds me a little of early Mean Jeans, in this way. The Chinchees generally get the balance right between the snottiness of their Exploding Hearts-style ‘70s punk homage and the catchiness of their “ooh-ahh” melodies. Their vocal harmonies are reminiscent of those which Sonic Avenues have honed in recent years. “Melting Foam” and “GORP” (the video of which highlights a recurring theme of the band: a giant grape chasing them) stand out in terms of getting this balance right. One of the better bands trying to re-create the Marked Men sound that I’ve heard in recent years; however, it can’t help be thought that with all their songs played at such a high-tempo, at time, they become indistinguishable from one another. If The Chinchees had more variety sonically, I think they could really take things to another level. Having said that, I bet these guys are a bunch of fun live!

Check it out here:



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