Review: Dan Goatham-Lost Your Way (EP, Little Rocket)

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Reviews, Uncategorized

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Dan Goatham is lead singer and guitarist in UK punk band Spoilers, who released the fantastic ‘Stay Afloat’ EP a couple of years ago. On the ‘Lost Your Way’ EP, Dan blasts his way through stripped back, acoustic versions of three Spoilers songs. It’s just Dan and a guitar basically. I often see acoustic versions of songs as the acid test for a band. By stripping everything back to pure singing and acoustic strumming, the songwriting can be put under the spotlight and be truly tested. It is a test which Dan easily passes. These are three fantastic raw, punk songs sang Billy Bragg style (right down to the Southern English accent). “Lost Your Way” and “Stay Afloat” are reasonably mellow, heart-on-sleeve, tender acoustic musings, but it is the fun-as-hell “Punks Don’t Die” which stands out here. It celebrates staying in the punk scene for the long-term (until dying, basically). The track is driven, energetic and a sure sing-a-king, especially with its background gang vocals, shouting out “punks don’t die!). I am interested to see where Dan will go from here: if he will continue to release acoustic versions of Spoilers songs, or if he will start to write songs specifically for the purposes of his solo acoustic work. Either way: I’m in!

Check it out:



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