Nobodys- Hussy (Rad Girlfriend)

Posted: December 22, 2016 in Reviews

I don’t know I ever thought that when I’d turn the magic pop punk age of 27 I would be reviewing the self-proclaimed Ron Jeremy’s of punk rock’s: Nobodys’ new album! But here I am. This Colorado Springs gang lead by J.J. Nobody has stirred quite a controversy and pissed off a bunch of people. I remember a Facebook petition a few years ago, that asked venues not to book the (I’ll include the ‘the’ if I want to, damnit!) Nobodys to create a safe space. A few months ago, I read an article on “No new band would dare play a song like “Just Another Cunt” for sheer fear of being ostracized from certain venues or scenes. The Nobodys are now more important than ever”. A real bunch of freedom fighters are these guys!

Hussy is a well-produced album and shows musicals skills from these edgy provocateurs as well. Where I think, this album is lacking is in songwriting and overall originality. Maybe the great production and the great musicianship, to me at least, highlight these shortcomings more clearly. It’s not like the songs are downright terrible either, I would say that if the song didn’t have the musicianship or production they would sound like any punk band playing in their mom’s garage. I would say this band is pretty much the middle of the road, maybe they should do a cover of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”!. I would even say that there was more charm to the band in the 1990s when the sound wasn’t so polished. Even then, their best song, “Scarred by Love” was helped by Joe Queer’s vocals. I have a feeling that a lot of people agree with me when it comes to this band’s middle of the road-ness. We see just as much sexism from the Dwarves and the Queers, misogyny and sexism is all over punk rock, so it seems strange that these guys get so much shit for it. The Queers had to add some racism into the mix to get as much hate as the Nobodys. Sure, both those bands have stirred shit over the years, but people seem to be extensively hostile towards Nobodys. I think the reason for that is that with the lack of great songs, their overt offensiveness just seems more cringeworthy and something to add up for not having that great material. The Dwarves are clever, the Queers have great pop punks, Ben Weasel is both, even GG Allin is still respected by people, because he took the shock-value far enough. I don’t think Nobodys even do that. I would say they are to punk rock what Tosh.0 is to comedy.

That’s not to say that the album doesn’t have some uplifting moments. The opening track “Not Loving You” is enjoyable. It sounds a bit like the love child of Turbonegro and GG Allin., and the riffs in the song actually get me excited- and I usually don’t like these kind of riffs. “Do It All Again” is also a pretty good tune. It’s one of those no regrets songs, that old people will listen to when they’re stuck in a retirement home, knowing they would do all the crap they did in their heyday again. It serves as an overall allegory for the entire album, if only the rest of the album were that good. Instead we get songs about getting kicked out of the Queers and having beer for breakfast. Like I said earlier, I think this band works better as a more lo-fi band and the polished sound and better musicianship might have done the more bad than good. Maybe the album will at least stir some shit again!

Check it out  here:



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