Review: Splitters- Last Time I Swear (FtLP)

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Reviews

Splitters are a new band out of Detroit, and this is their debut LP. It reveals a split personality, because there are two very distinct sounds on this album. Some of the songs are pretty much in the vein of sing-along pop punk, the kind you find at Fest, with lots of drunk punks pushing forward, fists in the air, shouting along all the lyrics to every song. Others are much less so, but are pretty unique and interesting in their own right, with more Americana and indie rock sounds. Ben L’s vocals have a very distinct sound, a throaty quality that reminds me a little bit of Alice Donut’s Tomas Antona. It’s an odd sound that you either love or find grating – and I happen to love it. The songs are primarily mid-tempo, sometimes a bit slower, but never done at a rapid fire pace. “Horrible Terrible” has a lonely Americana feel to it, while “Black Tar” is a little livelier, having elements of Americana and elements of pop punk. It veers between indie rock and sing-along pop punk, with Ben L’s big voice playing a prominent role. “Cheap” crosses big Beach Slang sounds with more traditional pop punk, with big breezy guitars. The songwriting on “Southbound” very much reminds me of San Diego favorites Western Settings’ earlier stuff. “Can Of Gasoline” has a gypsy punk feel to it, blended with Russian style vocal choral backing maybe? I dunno, it’s hard to describe, but it’s got a cool, unique sound. The title track may be the one weak track here, sounding sort of like a western rock track. This is the one track that didn’t hold my attention throughout. For a debut LP, though, this is pretty solid stuff.

Check it out here:



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