Review: Notopia- Demo

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Reviews

Notopia are a new-ish UK-based punk band. Musically, they play what can be broadly termed as ‘skate punk’, I guess, but it is kind of all over the place. The six songs on this demo are ultra-fast-paced, thrash-y and relentless, most of which are barely over a minute long. They kind of sound like a band Fat Mike might have signed in 1995, adopting elements of, say, No Use For a Name and Propaghandi. I much prefer the first part of the demo to the later parts. The opening two tracks, “Sick Sick Sick” and “Think I’m Like You” are thrash-y and hard-hitting, but do have a melodic core. Abrasive, fast-paced verses reveal a poppy, sing-a-long chorus in “Sick Sick Sick”, while Notopia slow things down a touch for a more standard ‘90s punk track in “Think I’m Like You”. It also features some cool lyrics: “I think I like you/ Yeah, I’m like you/ But you think you’re like someone else”. The later tracks on the demo skimp on the melody though and are more akin to ‘80s hardcore punk, which is not really my thing at all. For me, Notopia are at their best when they try to bridge the gap between ‘thrash’ and ‘pop’.

Check it out here:



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