Review: Loser Points- Does Loser Points Come Here Often? (Kickstand)

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Reviews

I reviewed a split EP with these Canucks on it a few months ago, and marveled at their rough, edgy old school skate-influenced punk rock. Now they’re back with a full length LP, and it’s just as fast’n’loud as before. Loser Points is definitely in the “funny punk” camp, with songs like “We’re Number Three (Again),” “Why Did You Fuck My Girlfriend?,” “Fuck Boy,” and “Wieners In The Locker Room.” The lyrics to “Why Did You Fuck My Girlfriend” are pretty simple, asking the question a few times and saying, “All you had to do was not fuck my girlfriend.” Of course, my retort would be, “why did your girlfriend fuck that guy?” “Word Attack” is a strong track; there’s not a lot of melody, but the track is brutal and perfectly executed. “Brozone” is pretty funny, talking about Jesus being a buddy, set to a sort of doo-wop punk melody. And “Wieners In The Locker Room” is about (what else?) the high school locker room and what goes on in there. The entire twelve tracks clocks in at a mere twelve minutes, but what a twelve minutes! These tracks are much better than those from the split!

Check it out here:



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