Review: The Raging Nathans/ Wonk Unit 7″ (Rad Girlfriend)

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Reviews

This is cool! A split release of two underground pop-punk bands from either side of the Atlantic, with two very different takes on the genre. The Raging Nathans kick off the split with some swirling, dare-I-say metal-esque guitar solos on “Minneapolis”, but that’s not who they are and it isn’t long before they launch into more straightforward Mid-western style punk rock, clearly influenced by Naked Raygun, but also likely to be kindred spirits with newer bands like The Dopamines and Rational Anthem. It features, crunchy guitars, fast tempos and unpretentious, sing-a-long chorus with gang vocals, more or less as you would expect. These are a decent couple of songs, but nothing spectacular.

Wonk Unit are a whole different proposition altogether. This follows the release of their fantastic Mr. Splashy LP which came out earlier this year. Wonk Unit can certainly not be described as boring or one-note. Throughout that LP, the tempo and styles shift considerably. They have a plethora of ‘70s style, fast-paced poppy-punk (listen to, for instance, the fantastic “Awful Jeans”), but they also play some slower, more mellow jams, which could be described in some quarters as ‘post-punk’. It is the latter style which is on display with the two songs on this split 7”. “We Came Together” is the pick of the two (and the split), sounding like a cross between ‘80s ska, PiL and free-style rap. And yes, that is a good thing.

Check it out here:




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