Review: Delinquents- Next Generation (single)

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Reviews


Delinquents are a brand new punk band straight out of Dundee, Scotland. “Next Generation” is their debut single. I love reviewing debut singles, you really have no idea what to expect! “Next Generation” is proper ‘70s style, melodic punk. Think The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers or 999 (indeed, Delinquents recently supported 999 in Dundee). The melodies and snarly vocals are very SLF, minus the Irish accent and politics. I like how short, spikey and to the point it is. That is kind of what you would expect from a punk band who have a clear love for the ‘70s, but what helps to separates the delinquents from the rest of the underground is (1) their ear for a good old-fashioned melody and (2) the clear, crisp recording sound. The vocals sound fantastic with this kind of production and may otherwise get lost in lo-fi recording. Lyrically, “Next Generation” couldn’t be more straightforward ‘fuck the system’ if it tried, with a chorus of: “What are we gonna say? What are we gonna do?/ Raise our middle fingers and say fuck you”. At times, the lyrics do read rather too much like post-American Idiot Green Day for my liking, but thankfully, the quality of the melodies offset this. The b-side “Waste of Time” is pretty different to “Next Generation” with its Anti-Flag woah-oh chorus and the subtle hooks in the verse. Considering I normally avoid ‘70s era revivalist punk, this is very good stuff indeed and I will certainly be checking out future Delinquents releases (plus the artwork is fantastic).


Check it out:

Buy it here:


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