Pop punk from Budapest? You bet! A couple of decades on from the end of the cold war and the fall of the Iron Curtain, we’re getting some awesome cultural mixing. The Ocean Front are a four piece from Hungary playing some great melodic pop punk that rivals some of the best from the West. Of the four tracks on the all too short EP, I think the first is my favorite. “Change Your Mind” is a classic, bouncy pop punk track, with Ramones-like guitar crunch and some pretty decent hooks. “This Deadweight” is more of a skate-punk track, with a darker and more aggressive feel, with a pretty strong Epitaph Records sort of sound. “Off” is another favorite track, with a sound that’s a little more introspective, blending a little bit of indie pop into the punk mix, without losing any of the aggressive edge. The EP is closed out with “Spontaneity,” a track that has elements of early Offspring in the sound. Vocals are pretty strong throughout, and though the tracks all share a similar basic sound, the energy and power of these four tracks is pretty exhilarating.

Check it out: https://theoceanfront.bandcamp.com/