Absolutely gorgeous. That’s the first thought that ran through mind upon the first of several listens to this, the fourth full-length album from the Cleveland outfit. Every song drips with feeling. Every song exudes passion. Some of the songs have plenty of modern emotional pop punk sounds, like “You’re Gonna Be Golden,” which opens the album, or “Autumn Breaks,” about 2/3 of the way through, which reminds me a lot of the late, great French Exit. But it’s the songs that are maybe slower or quieter, or more complex that really attract my attention. Many of the songs border on indie pop, and some have some great guitar interplay and interesting melodic lines. “Should Have Been A Painter” is a great example of this. “At This Age” is a slower track that has a lush sound, with deep, beautiful guitars. And the lonely sound of the opening of  “Alchemy Hour” is amazing. “Spillover” is just a plain great pop tune that sounds like it could be a rearrangement of a classic tune from the 60s, with hints of The Beatles in the main melody. And best of all is the closer, “Song for Ana,” which alternates between a quiet, delicate song and epic power. There are so many layers in this music, and with every listen I’m discovering new nuances that amaze.

Check it out: https://signalsmidwest.bandcamp.com/releases