Blending equal parts grunge, shoegaze, indie rock, and pop punk, the Leeds-based duo Kamikaze Girls pumps out five tracks (six with the bonus track) of brilliant music. Power chords create a wall of guitar, with plenty of fuzz giving it a shoegaze feel. But the brisker tempo and more aggressive air give it a harder punkier edge. The melodies, though, through it all, are pretty and more intricate than the guitars would have you think. The EP opens with “Hexes,” a track that begins with eerie reverb drenched guitar noises before it explodes with dark intensity and then resolving into a rockin’ tune filled with grunge guitars, insistent vocals, and a pretty melody trying to push out through the noise. Three quarters of the way through, it becomes a different song, albeit briefly, with dreamy jangle, before returning to the noisy grunge pop. “Stiches” is next, and it rivals the best indie pop tracks of the 90s, with the same sort of bouncy melody, including some great harmonized vocals, but still with those fuzzed out noisy guitars. Gorgeous. “I Hate Funerals” has an appropriately dirge-like feel, while “Ladyfuzz” goes back to that indie-pop fuzz-grunge sound that’s so effective. And “Black Coffee” has two separate, wonderfully retro post-punk feels. There’s the dark early 80s post-punk sound and the 90s Jawbox-like sound when the chorus opens things up. And that bonus track? It actually reminds me a lot of Beach Slang, but a bit darker. It’s got the same sort of hard edged yet flowing character to it. I really like this EP.

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