Review: Nervous Triggers- Demo

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Reviews

Nervous Triggers (featuring former members of Hunchback, Psyched to Die and Brick Mower) play a brand of spiky, provocative punk that would be right at home in the midst of the Reagan era of underground music in the US. Of course, the politics and the comments upon them are more ‘today’ – gun ownership, terror and oil wars come under scrutiny- but stylistically and spiritually, it is very ‘80s. Which is fine. I like a bit of Adolescents or Minor Threat or MDC sometimes. Indeed, there is even a song title reference to that era, which is kind of cool: “Raygun Youth”. The guitars are crunchy and fast paced; the vocals are aggressive and relentless (from Jay Insult, formerly of, yep, The Insults); the lyrics are to-the-point and confrontational. I think they effectively get across how pissed they are about these issues. There is passion and also a bit of zany madness in the vocals. If Iggy Pop had started a band in Jersey Shore in 2016, it might not be far off this. However, this demo is not particularly essential for two reasons: (1) Nervous Triggers can’t be effectively differentiated from any number of ‘raygun youth’ bands which were around at the time, to the extent that I can’t tell if they are actually a cover band or if they are just that strongly influenced by that era of music and (2) what I dislike about this demo is what I dislike about a bunch of music which came out then: its repetitiveness, lack of hooks or melody and its inability to frame politics beyond “fuck you, bad government people!” What Nervous Triggers are doing is fine, but Night Birds much more effectively manage the crossover between evoking the spirit of that era of music and making ‘punk hits’.

Listen here:


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