Review: The Lash Outs- State of Excess (Self-released)

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Reviews
State of Excess cover art

The Lash Outs are from Dallas, Texas and play Power Pop inspired by “Dickies, Pointed Sticks, Thin Lizzy, Greg Cartwright, etc.” The album opens with “Validation Song”, a catchy number that feels almost like a nursery rhyme. The song has a surfy element to it, as well as an element of Hard Rock. “Sha la la” continues in the nursery rhyme style, and is a satirical comment on the stupefying of the world. As the record goes on it moves into a more hard rock/Power Pop sound. “Bondage of Self” has some great lyrics in its self-centeredness. I can definitely hear the Thin Lizzy influence on the album. “Don’t Know Why” reminds me a bit of the Leftovers, until it turns into the pop punk-ish part of “My Sharona”. The musicianship on the album sounds pretty good. To me “Validation Song” really stands out on the album as the best track. The surf continues in “Bowels of Time (First Movement)” (clever title!); it’s an instrumental. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a medley of famous riffs, but I can hear some “Bo Diddley” and “Wipe Out” in there. I think a lot of people will enjoy the album, especially if they like riffs and songs about working, even if most of it is not my cup of tea.


Check it out:


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