Faye- S/T (EP, Tiny Engines)

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Reviews
Self-Titled cover art

This self-titled EP by FAYE is an interesting addition to 2016 as a music year. FAYE is a band from Charlotte, North Carolina. Sonically, the EP grabbed my attention early on. To me it sounds like a mixture of Billy Raygun and CUDDLES. The music is noisy, but melodic. I think the lyrics on the EP are great throughout. There are five songs on the EP and I like them all. It’s a diverse EP, and it goes from beautiful, to angsty to kind of weird. “Chow Chow” is the slower Pop-punk-est number, but also one of the weirdest and noisiest. With lyrics about whiskey and beer. The musical landscape on the EP sounds like it’s from the late 80s to the early 90s, but it’s also totally modern at the same time. The best song on the EP is “Vowels”. It’s a very nice song and with its chill sound, it distinguishes itself from the rest of the EP. I love the “Whoah oh”’s. Definitely one of the best new songs I’ve heard this year. It’s gotten better every time I’ve heard it. I always want to sing along to the line “I wish I could be you”. Except for “Vowels”, which is a song everyone should fucking love!!!! This might not be for everyone, but I think everyone that likes any kind of alternative music should check it out and especially if you like this sort of music. It’s a great record the first time you hear it, and it gets even better the second!


Check it out: https://fayeisaband.bandcamp.com/releases


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