Review: Good vs. Evil/ Loser Points (Kickstand)

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Reviews
No Fly Zone cover art


SoCal skate punkers Good vs Evil join up with Canucks Loser Points to release a full-length album of punk rock, each bringing four songs to the party. Starting with Good vs Evil, I must admit, even though their home is in nearby Corona, California, I had never heard of them before. Which is really odd, because they play reasonably solid skate punk. The songs are melodic, even poppy, and proficiently played. Harmonized vocals are a feature of these tracks, which move between quick tempos and mid-tempo pace. “To Whom It May Concern” is a particularly good track, sounding like it could have been on a Fat Wreck Chords release. This is a band solidly rooted in 90s melodic skate punk. The last of their four tracks, “Something For Nothing,” is a bit edgier and noisier than the other three, a little less melodic, and that’s a good transition to Loser Points’ tracks. These are definitely on the harder side, more so than Good vs Evil. The sound is much crunchier, with a prominent bass with tons of distortion. The bass player gets to rock out like mad on these tracks, and may be my favorite part of Loser Points, reminding me a little bit of a famous bass sound from another Canadian band, NOMEANSNO. The band’s overall sound, though, is nothing like that famed funk-punk outfit, focusing more on trying to have a pop punk sound, but way noisier. I like the sound, but parts of the execution could be improved. The lead vocals on these tracks are sometimes a little bit off, I think. But any deficit in execution is more than made up in energy and enthusiasm. And that bass! Fun stuff!


Check it out:


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