Review: Eat Defeat- Time and Tide (EP, Umlaut)

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Reviews
Time & Tide cover art


Hailing from Leeds, Eat Defeat play melodic pop punk mixed with just a bit of 90s skate punk sounds. Harmonized vocals feature prominently throughout the EP, and the music is tight and expertly performed. It’s hard to be unique and original these days, when you’re playing pop punk. It’s a genre that’s been around for quite a long time, and whatever can be done with it has been done. So, to stand out in the genre takes talent, and Eat Defeat certainly has that. I think my favorite track of the six on offer is the second one on it, “Shortcuts.” It uses less harmonizing than the others, except on the chorus, so it has a bit of a rawer feel. Not that the other tracks are too slick, but the difference from the others makes it stand out. The vocals are also the clearest here, and the overall sound is more like that you would get from a small pop punk band in a little club. Yes, the other tracks do sound a bit “bigger,” like you might get from a band playing a larger club. Sort of like Blink 182 or someone like that. Speaking of those vocals, being from the north of England, there’s a distinct northern accent in the singing, and that’s something a bit strange to my Yank ears, but in no way detracts from the great singing. The closer, “Dead and Gone,” is another strong track, starting out with a lone voice and thin guitar, like a clarion call. The demand for action is immediately answered with a rocking track and perhaps the most passionate singing of the EP. Overall a good effort, and if you love pop punk, it’s something you should listen to. If you’re looking for something different or out of the ordinary, though, you won’t find it here.


Check it out:


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