Review: Living Room/ Typesetter- Glimpse (Split 7″, Jetsam Floatsam)

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Reviews
Glimpse cover art

“Glimpse” is the perfect title for this four song split 7” EP, because that’s all we get from these two bands – just a glimpse, two songs each. Living Room is from Brooklyn, NY, while Typesetter is from Chicago. Both bands offer an interesting blend of post punk and dream pop, but in different ways. Living Room starts things out with a tough, noisy track, “Mechanics.” Heavy distortion on the guitars provides an atmospheric feel, while the intense vocals propel the song forward. Their second track is “Cloud Communion,” and it’s a bit different, with moments of quiet clarity for both the vocals and guitars, in between the intense melodic fuzz of the guitars. There’s even some gorgeous jangle going on in the bridge.

The latter band, on its first track, “Slipper,” provides a different take on the post punk dream pop blend. There’s the toughness and energy of post punk, but the etherealness of dream pop, too, as if lightening the heaviness of the post-punk sounds. It’s an interesting and effective dichotomy. The vocals are pulled back into the mix, so as to blend them in as just another instrument in the arrangement. “Death Cycle” is the other offering from Typesetter. It’s got a completely different sound, starting out quietly, in an understated manner, and slowly building. It maintains smoothness throughout, though, even as it explodes in the back half of the song, into a cool rolling feel.

After listening to this EP, I want more than a glimpse.


Check it out:


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